Welcome to the UTOYVO space! I develop web sites and maybe you will like what you will see.

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I have been doing web development for over two years now. During this time, I was able to master the web development tools at a sufficient level to move from ordinary tasks to experiments in search of creative web interfaces.

I'm passionate about designing and developing beautiful and converting pages. One of my strengths is that I love and am great at both the design as well as the coding.

misha skvortsov

I treat my job as a creative work, for me it is a way of self-expression and reflection. I worked on various projects, covering different areas of web development, from idea and concept to launch and support.

I know what it is like to stand on the shoulders of giants, so I actively use open-source development in my work.

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It is interesting for me to cooperate with creative people who are not afraid to experiment, are ready to seek new and non-ordinary solutions for joint projects.

I'm open for collaboration, contact me via EM@IL or TELEGRAM.